Perestroika second round

Perestroika second round

Pastukhov V.B.,

Dr. Sci. (Pol. Sci.), Prof., St. Antonys College, Oxford,

For citation:

Pastukhov V.B. Perestroika second round. Polis. Political Studies. 2011. No. 1. P. 7-28. (In Russ.)


In this article, the author goes on disclosing his comprehension of “revolution” and “counter-revolution” as applied to Russia. For this purpose he resorts to comparative analysis of different periods of Russian and Soviet history. In the author’s opinion, the question of Russia’s historical future remains open, and therefore a new “perestroika” may “come up” on the agenda again at any moment. It is easy to get mistaken as to the date, it is difficult to get mistaken as to the tendency.


Content No. 1, 2011

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