The crisis of capitalism and the order of society in new Russia

The crisis of capitalism and the order of society in new Russia

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Dzarasov R.S. The crisis of capitalism and the order of society in new Russia . – Polis. Political Studies. 2011. No. 4. P. 41-59. (In Russ.)


The crisis of the world economy of the 2000-s has again made topical the question of regularity of crisis epochs under capitalism. In the course of answering it, the author discloses methodological faults of the neoclassical school of economic science, dominant in modern world. The methodological approaches, that reveal systemic foundations of capitalism, the author finds out in those schools of the world science, which, continuing the tradition of the classical political economy, are alternative to the neoclassics (e.g. in such schools, as marxism, post-keynesianism, neo-ricardoism, old institutionalism, world-systemic analysis e.a.). The author analyses the evolution of the world economy in the age of globalization, when the processes in the world economy began to prevail over the ones in the peoples’ economies and when the financial sector acquired autonomy and, moreover, domination over the real one. These processes, in the author’s opinion, have preconditioned the inevitability of today’s global crisis, which is, thus, naturally determined by its character.

Content No. 4, 2011

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