Centaur-problematics of Zhan Toshchenko

Centaur-problematics of Zhan Toshchenko

For citation:

Osinsky I.I. Centaur-problematics of Zhan Toshchenko. – Polis. Political Studies. 2012. No. 2. P. 182-185. (In Russ.)


The article considers, first, dynamics of the formation of inevitability of such decisions being taken at crucial stages of the life of the state and, second, the politico-socio-economic consequences of the ‘centaurism’ being embodied, as a rule, from above, by the ruling top of the state. On the basis of the classification – presented by the author – of the phenomenon of ‘centaurism’, the influence is demonstrated, of the multi-level system of particular prerequisites, upon the taking of contradictory decisions on the global level.

J. Toshchenko; centaur-problem; centaurizm; political consciousness.

Content No. 2, 2012

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&rft.issue=2&rft.spage=182&rft.epage=185&rft.tpage=182-185&rft.number=&rft.year=2012&rft.issn=0321-2017&rft.shorttitle=&rft.subject=Ж. Тощенко; кентавр-проблема; кентавризм; политическое сознание&rft.pub=&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fpolisnew.isras.ru%3A&rft.date=2012&rft.au=Osinsky I.I.">

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