The human capital’s conception by Alexey Podberezkin

The human capital’s conception by Alexey Podberezkin

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Makulov S.S. The human capital’s conception by Alexey Podberezkin . – Polis. Political Studies. 2012. No. 3. P. 174-178. (In Russ.)


Based on great amounts of historical, social and economic data, here is proposed a complex plan-conception of the development of the Russian state – the plan-conception that received the name of “Russian socialism”. The author describes in detail both the proposed plan-conception of “Russian socialism” and the ways of its realization, and that favourably characterizes the presented book as distinct from similar works usually directed first of all at total negation and destruction of any previous experience. In contrast to liberalism now dominating in the country, or to the idea of Soviet socialism – idea that existed earlier, - the conception of “Russian socialism” has taken into its basiс bearing the prevailing significance of the so-called “national human potential” and “national human capital” for the development of Russian state. It is demonstrated that such plan-conception will be able to become the basis of Russian ideology in the construction of a new and more just state.

A.I. Podberezkin; national human capital; social potential; creative class; Russia; Russian socialism.

Content No. 3, 2012

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