A Delos diver in front of Gleb Pavlovskys abyss of meanings

A Delos diver in front of Gleb Pavlovskys abyss of meanings

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Pushchayev Yu.V. A Delos diver in front of Gleb Pavlovskys abyss of meanings. Polis. Political Studies. 2012. No. 3. P. 182-189. (In Russ.)


This review seeks to present the Russian power and the Russian political system as they appear in the book [ . ! . .,- ‘’, 2012. 120 .], the author of which, G.O. Pavlovsky, until quite recently was a leading ‘political technologist’, who worked for the Russian power – as an adviser. The author of the book set himself as an object to relate the Russian power’s vision of itself and of the country, as well as the basic concepts the power is guided by. In a sense, it is a tale “of the Kremlin from inside”. A number of very interesting observations by Pavlovsky are noted in the review, but at the same time, as is demonstrated in it, his conception is not without contradictions.

Russia; power; Kremlin; democracy; Pavlovsky; Putin; Surkov; Kudrin.


Content No. 3, 2012

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