The terrorism and the problems of the Basque Country

The terrorism and the problems of the Basque Country

Sergeev V.M.,

Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Professor, Principal Researcher, Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia,

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Sergeev V.M. The terrorism and the problems of the Basque Country . – Polis. Political Studies. 2013. No. 2. P. 173-176. (In Russ.)


The author is reviewing the monograph by S.M. Khenkin and Ye.S. Samsonkina: “The Basque Conflict: Its Origins, Character, Metamorphoses” (Хенкин C.M., Самсонкина Е.С. Баскский конфликт: истоки, характер, метаморфозы. М., МГИМО-Университет, 2011. 379 с.), which, for the first time in our historiography, renders, in its whole entirety, the picture of the Basque conflict – from its origins up to its modern state. The dynamics of the conflict is being traced against the background of upheavals in the Basque region’s economic development, in its social structure and the population’s social consciousness, of the evolution of its political system.

Europe; separatism; nationalism; terrorism; Spain; Euskadi; conflict; Khenkin; Samsonkina.

Content No. 2, 2013

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