Estimation of effectiveness of public policy institutions in Russia

Estimation of effectiveness of public policy institutions in Russia

Nikovskaya L.I.,

Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Principal Researcher, Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS,

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Yakimets V.N.,

Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Principal Researcher, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences,

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For citation:

Nikovskaya L.I., Yakimets V.N. Estimation of effectiveness of public policy institutions in Russia . – Polis. Political Studies. 2013. No. 5. P. 77-86. (In Russ.)


Problems of Russian regions’ public policy are discussed in the article. Evaluation of the said public policy is based on comparing the results of empirical studies conducted in 2009-2011. The “antirating” for the public policy institutions is analyzed, which illustrates failures in significant public sphere mechanisms’ functioning.

public policy; subjects and institutions of public policy; antirating for public policy institutions; power; civil society; reforms.

Content No. 5, 2013

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