“Russian Project in a Global Context” (Development Ideology and the Problem of Making It Active in Politics

“Russian Project in a Global Context” (Development Ideology and the Problem of Making It Active in Politics

Ratz M.V.,

Professor, Expert, Non-Profit Research Foundation «The Schedrovitsky Institute for Development» Moscow, Russia, ratzm@netvision.net.il

For citation:

Ratz M.V. “Russian Project in a Global Context” (Development Ideology and the Problem of Making It Active in Politics . – Polis. Political Studies. 2001. No. 6. P. 167. (In Russ.)

"Fundamental ideas about our thinking and activity, about our world and ourselves, that seemed unshakable under stable conditions, prove untenable and require cardinal revision in the new socio-cultural situation. This pertains both to the changes in Russia and to the processes of globalization that have become the background for the changes. Contrary to the classical methodology that envisages the choice of a unique true viewpoint, nowadays representatives of each position are entitled for an approach of their own and for «their own truth». We have no external standard of truth, but only mutual perspectives in the plurality of opinions or positions out of which we can opt. So, the way is opened for multiplication, diversification of positions. Proceeding from these methodological ideas and claming only to represent one of such positions, the author substantiates necessity and possibility of working out and realization of such a version of «Russian project in a global context» (the theme of a round table organized by the «Nezavisimaya gazeta» in spring this year), that would organically combine both the values of «state-mindedness» and liberal values (which, basically, far from contradicting each other, rather presuppose each other). Besides a detailed analytical review of the said round table and some other materials, mainly from the mentioned newspaper, the author presents some basic elements of his version of a liberal-patriotic project that should rely in socio-political practice on «development ideology», on the ideal of especial «development politics»

Content No. 6, 2001

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