Administrative Resource as Phenomenon of Russian Electoral Process

Administrative Resource as Phenomenon of Russian Electoral Process

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2003.06.10

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Vorontzova A.B., Zvonovsky V.B. Administrative Resource as Phenomenon of Russian Electoral Process . Polis. Political Studies. 2003. No. 6. P. 114-124. (In Russ.).


The authors essay analysis of the essence and of the forms of manifestation of administrative resource (the A-resource) as phenomenon proper to the Russian electoral process. In the course of the analysis, approaches to the estimation of the volume of this resource are discussed, with materials of the Samara Oblast investigated. The theme is approached in different aspects: the A-resource as manifested in voting for parties, for individual candidates, at elections of the head of regional executive power; partial and complete demobilization of the A-resource; the A-resource under the conditions of elites being split. Essentially limited character of the administrative resource is stated, by way of conclusion.


Content No. 6, 2003

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