«Mr. Crisis, How Are You to Be Addressed Now?»

«Mr. Crisis, How Are You to Be Addressed Now?»

Round Table of the «Polis» Journal

Volodin A.G.

Kolba A.I.

Kudryashova I.V.,

Cand. Sci. (Polit. Sci.), Associate Professor at Comparative Politics Department, MGIMO University, i.kudryashova@inno.mgimo.ru

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Lapkin V.V.,

Cand. Sci. (Chem.), Leading Researcher, Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences, First Deputy Editor‑in‑Chief, Polis. Political Studies. Moscow, Russia, vvlh@politstudies.ru

elibrary_id: 43429 | ORCID: 0000-0002-0775-2630 | RESEARCHER_ID: AAB-9386-2021

Lebedeva M.M.,

Dr. Sci. (Polit. Sci.), Professor, Head of World Politics Department, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, mmlebedeva@gmail.com

elibrary_id: 250953 | ORCID: 0000-0003-4162-0807 | RESEARCHER_ID: C-2309-2013

Makarenko S.A.

Pantin V.I.,

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Head of Department, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences; Principal Researcher, Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, v.pantin@mail.ru

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Plyays Ya.A.,

Dr. Sci. (Hist., Pol. Sci.), Prof., Professor of Political Science Department, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, prof.pleis@politwiss.de

Rozov N.S.,

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor, Principal Researcher, Institute of Philosophy and Law, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor at the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, Russia , nrozov@gmail.com

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Sergeev V.M.,

Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Professor, Principal Researcher, Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, victor04076831@mail.ru

elibrary_id: 1447 |

Chikharev I.A.,

Cand. Sci. (Polit. Sci.), Associate Professor of the Faculty of Global Studies, Lomonosov Moscow University, ichikharev@yandex.ru

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For citation:

Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Volodin A.G., Kolba A.I., Kudryashova I.V., Lapkin V.V., Lebedeva M.M., Makarenko S.A., Pantin V.I., Plyays Ya.A., Rozov N.S., Sergeev V.M., Chikharev I.A. «Mr. Crisis, How Are You to Be Addressed Now?». – Polis. Political Studies. 2009. No. 3. P. 9-33. (In Russ.)


Participants of the Journal’s Round Table are discussing the problem of the global financial crisis and are answering the questions posed by the Editorial Staff as to its nature and origin, as to the scale and possible consequences, as to possible ways out of the crisis.

Content No. 3, 2009

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