Political science journals in virtual space (presentation of the Polis Journal’s new Internet-portal). Part I

Political science journals in virtual space (presentation of the Polis Journal’s new Internet-portal). Part I

Round Table of the «Polis» Journal

Dakhin A.V.,

Dr. Sci. (Phil.), Professor, Head of Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA, nn9222@yandex.ru

elibrary_id: 250322 |

Zamyatin D.N.,

Dr. Sci. (Cultural Anthropology), principal researcher, Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism, National Research University Higher School of Economics, metageogr@mail.ru

elibrary_id: 125719 |

Kuzmin A.S.,

Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Deputy Director, International Institute of Humanitarian Political Studies. Moscow, Russia, kuzmin_alexei@newmail.ru

Kulik A.N., an_kulik@mail.ru

Lobza E.V., elobza@hse.ru

Patrushev S.V.,

Cand. Sci. (Hist.), Leading Researcher, Head of the Department of Comparative Political Studies, Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Russian Foreign Trade Academy, servpatrushev@gmail.com

elibrary_id: 72426 |

Samarkina I.V.,

Dr. Sci. (Pol. Sci.), Associate Professor, Kuban State University, smrkn@mail.ru

elibrary_id: 186730 | ORCID: 0000-0002-0205-8543 | RESEARCHER_ID: A-4728-2017

Semenenko I.S.,

Dr. Sci. (Pol. Sci.), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of Centre for Comparative Socioeconomic and Political Studies, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences, isemenenko@mail.ru

elibrary_id: 251670 | ORCID: 0000-0003-2529-9283 |

Fadeyeva L.A.,

Professor, Perm State University, Lafadeeva2007@yandex.ru

elibrary_id: 77229 |

Rubric: Chair

For citation:

Round Table of the «Polis» Journal, Dakhin A.V., Zamyatin D.N., Kuzmin A.S., Kulik A.N., Lobza E.V., Patrushev S.V., Samarkina I.V., Semenenko I.S., Fadeyeva L.A. Political science journals in virtual space (presentation of the Polis Journal’s new Internet-portal). Part I . – Polis. Political Studies. 2009. No. 6. P. 140-148. (In Russ.)


Within the Round Table held in the framework of the “Fundamental problems of Political Science” Permanent academic seminar, the new Web-Portal www.polisportal.ru was presented to the public. The launching meeting has given a chance to discuss the issues of professional cooperation of political scientists and journals of this profile in virtual space, the most productive formats of working for a common purpose, forms and prospects of interactive co-operation within research community.

Content No. 6, 2009

www.polisportal.ru, позволившая обсудить проблемы профессионального сотрудничества политологов и политологических журналов в виртуальном пространстве, наиболее перспективные форматы такого сотрудничества, формы и перспективы интерактивного взаимодействия в научном сообществе.

&rft.issue=6&rft.spage=140&rft.epage=148&rft.tpage=140-148&rft.number=&rft.year=2009&rft.issn=0321-2017&rft.shorttitle=&rft.subject=политологические журналы; виртуальное пространство; Интернет&rft.pub=&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fpolisnew.isras.ru%3A&rft.date=2009&rft.au=Dakhin A.V.&rft.au=Zamyatin D.N.&rft.au=Round Table of the «Polis» Journal&rft.au=Kulik A.N.&rft.au=Patrushev S.V.&rft.au=Semenenko I.S.&rft.au=Kuzmin A.S.&rft.au=Fadeyeva L.A.&rft.au=Lobza E.V.&rft.au=Samarkina I.V.">

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