The image of Russia through prisms of political communications

The image of Russia through prisms of political communications

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Pishcheva T.N., Vinogradova N.S., Nedova A.D. The image of Russia through prisms of political communications . – Polis. Political Studies. 2010. No. 4. P. 107-121. (In Russ.)


In the article, the authors are discussing the problem of the perception of Russia’s image inside the country and in the world. The problem of the formation of Russia’s image takes today an important place in the system of the country’s priorities. The character of the development of international cooperation in the economic, in the political, and in the social sphere depends on how Russia is seen in the world – as a partner or as an opponent. On the other hand, the country’s positive image inside Russia is the pledge of stable and steady internal development, of averting civil conflicts, of citizens adopting more objective view of the internal policy. In the article, preliminary results are presented, of researches in the following directions: the Image of Russia in the Perception of Russian Elites; Russia’s Image in Mass Perception; Russia’s Image in Mass-Media.

Content No. 4, 2010

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