Interactivity as quality of public politics

Interactivity as quality of public politics

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Yevdokimov V.A. Interactivity as quality of public politics. – Polis. Political Studies. 2011. No. 5. P. 21-25. (In Russ.)


Investigated in the article is such a quality of public politics as interactivity. Different aspects of the phenomenon are analyzed – say, potentialities of the influence of interactivity on the process of improvement of the social system of a society, or of establishment of retroactive communication, of the impact of an object on a subject of the political process. The article contains an attempt to classify interactivity, taking into account the character of the subjects’ interaction, the spheres and scope of its manifestation, temporal attributes. The author estimates the dependence of interactivity development in political process, of interaction productivity – on the participants’ culture, on their ability to comprehend the values of civil society.

Content No. 5, 2011

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Polis. Political Studies
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Daugavet A.B.
Informal Practices of the Russian Elite (An Approbation of Cognitive Approach) 26

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