Political strengthening of the state through its ontological weakening

Political strengthening of the state through its ontological weakening

Kharkevich M.V.,

Cand. Sci. (Pol. Sci.), Associate Professor, World Politics Department, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, kharkevich@mail.ru

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For citation:

Kharkevich M.V. Political strengthening of the state through its ontological weakening. – Polis. Political Studies. 2012. No. 5. P. 122-129. (In Russ.)


The article offers an ontological analysis of transformation of the modern state in contemporary Christendom. The analysis is based on the Gianni Vattimo’s concept of ontological weakening and philosophy of Martin Heidegger. The author shows that social and political life in the West is imprisoned in inescapable reproduction cycle of Old Testament social matrix with the state being an integral part of it.

state; weakening of being; transcendence of social boundaries; Christianity.

Content No. 5, 2012

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&rft.issue=5&rft.spage=122&rft.epage=129&rft.tpage=122-129&rft.number=&rft.year=2012&rft.issn=0321-2017&rft.shorttitle=&rft.subject=государство; ослабление бытия; трансценденция социальных границ; христианство&rft.pub=&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fpolisnew.isras.ru%3A&rft.date=2012&rft.au=Kharkevich M.V.">

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