Monitory democracy: building new relations between state and society

Monitory democracy:
building new relations between state and society

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Peregudov S.P. Monitory democracy: building new relations between state and society. – Polis. Political Studies. 2012. No. 6. P. 55-67. (In Russ.)


Among new approaches to rethinking the nature of relations between society and state institutions the concept of monitory democracy is of prior importance: it does not limit itself to the political space, but penetrates into different spheres of social life. The author analyzes the monitory democracy concept and pays special attention to its practical outcomes. An important part of the article is dedicated to the analysis of contradictory, but mostly positive trends that permit to assert the implementation of some traits of monitory democracy in the present day social and political life in Russia. A full-fledged implementation of this model could lead to qualitative changes in the overall relations between State and society.

society; civil society; democracy (monitoring, representative, "audorial"); public-private partnership; social movements of a new type; NGOs; open government.

Content No. 6, 2012

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