Central zone of traditional values of society

Central zone of traditional values of society

For citation:

Lavrenov S.Ya., Slizovsky D.E. Central zone of traditional values of society. – Polis. Political Studies. 2013. No. 1. P. 170-173. (In Russ.)


The reviewers recommend paying special attention to the monograph by M.R.Demetradze “The Central Zone of the Traditional Socio-Cultural Values as Information-Communicative Phenomenon: New Approaches to Study of Traditions and Traditionalism (Russian Case). Classification of Traditional Values”. In their opinion, this work offers a theoretically based research concept for traditionalism factor which hinders development of Russian and post-Soviet society. They also point out the author’s contribution to science by original development of the concept “central zone of traditional socio-cultural values”.

Russia; central zone of socio-cultural values; traditionalism; human capital; culture.

Content No. 1, 2013

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