Is it possible to regulate democracy? Part I.

Is it possible to regulate democracy? Part I.

For citation:

Pshizova S.N. Is it possible to regulate democracy? Part I. . – Polis. Political Studies. 2013. No. 6. P. 171-183. (In Russ.)


Not so long ago political science was departing from the paradigm of political subjects’ self-existence, viewing political processes as self-regulating. Gradually, however, the idea installed itself, of the possibility of consciously exerting influence upon the behavior of political actors by means both of local use of regulatory technologies and of broad (up to total, as in Russia) purposeful organization of political space. Consequences of new correlation of “policy” and “regulation” can be observed both in the academic search and in the political practice. Failing to find any suitable equivalent in English for naming Russian realias, our home researchers are, for example, finding out differences between “political management” and “political regulation”. Meanwhile political colonization of the state and massed use of political technologies by Russian politicians have become bases for the formation of a system of “regulated democracy”.

democracy; state regulation; political management; political regulation; politico-administrative dichotomy; politicization of the state; political  technologies.

Content No. 6, 2013

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