The U.S. and Russia under Trump and Putin: One Against the Other, Apart, or Together?

The U.S. and Russia under Trump and Putin:
One Against the Other, Apart, or Together?

Tretyakov V.T.,

Dean, the Higher School of Television, Lomonosov Moscow State University; journalist and analyst,

DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2017.06.09
Rubric: DIXI!

For citation:

Tretyakov V.T. The U.S. and Russia under Trump and Putin: One Against the Other, Apart, or Together? – Polis. Political Studies. 2017. No. 6. P. 125-136. (In Russ.).


The article surveys issues relevant to the Russia-U.S. relations crisis under Donald Trump that reverberate throughout the globe. Analyzing the situation from a variety of perspectives, including ideological, social, and political points of view, the author investigates comprehension of what went wrong in the world politics during the year after the presidential elections and how to get it right. The author explores diverse scenarios, the influence of international actors. The author points at the pending overwhelming crisis that can blow up the management of global affairs, like including anthropogenic catastrophes like a Fukushima-1 disaster. The institutions of global governance like the U.N. are challenged as never before, accompanied by conflicts ranging from Syria to Ukraine. The author presents analysis of geopolitical scenarios – pessimistic, optimistic, and realistic ones – as well as their possible solutions and predictions for the future. One of the main issues of our time, according to the author, is the question whether global politics will move from the stage of competition towards the state of cooperation between such global superpowers as the U.S., China, and Russia, each of which has alternative project of its own. Or will each of these three countries realize that none of them enjoys such a sum of advantages that outweighs what other countries can counter them (alone or within an unofficial coalition)? Consequently, it is a question of making a dramatic choice between their joint activities and global conflict. 

Russia; the U.S.; Putin; Trump; world politics; sanctions; scenarios.


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Content No. 6, 2017

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