Polis. Political Studies

Thematic profile of “Polis. Political Studies” journal is determined by a wide variety of factors. Amongst them are our traditions as the first Russian journal in political science (published since 1991); requirements of a complex approach to scientific understanding and analysis of fundamental patterns of political reality; necessity to develop and advance methodology of studying the phenomenon of political. All in all, it impels us, while forming our thematic content and calling for papers, to adhere to a breadth of research and methodological approaches and strict principles of selecting high-professional manuscripts (both in form and in content).

The editorial team proceeds from the assumption that Russian political science successfully passed the phase of formation and now is, on one hand, a full-grown scientific discipline among the other academic disciplines; on the other hand, it is an important and effectively developing segment of the world political science. The intra-disciplinary differentiation and interdisciplinary connections of political science are remarkably wide, which rightfully compels our professional community to work out a more detailed specialization of journals in political science. However, journal’s key thematic priorities remain the same: (1) consolidation of Russian political science community, maintenance of its methodological and substantial integrity, unity of its subdisciplines;  (2) deepening of institutional and categorical-substantial integration of Russian political science into the world one; (3) improving the quality level of professional political science publications.

The editorial team considers it its duty to maintain high professional level of scientific publications in the journal, as well as to prevent diffusion of its thematic-disciplinary framework towards so called political journalism, as well as towards adjacent  scientific disciplines: history, philosophy, economics etc.

No matter how wide a variety of issues the Journal covers, its key criteria for selecting profile themes remains emphasis on political content of phenomena and processes studied, as well as on application of methods, concepts and methodology of political science.

The Journal covers, among others, the following thematic areas:

– theory and methodology of political science;

– comparative political studies;

– political sociology;

– political philosophy and philosophy of politics;

– studies of international relations and international security problems;

– studies of globalization and transnationalization of politics;

– studies in political culture, political ideology and political identitiy;

– institutional political science;

– studies of party-political systems and political regimes;

– studies of federalism, federal relations and regional politics;

– applied political studies;

– conflictology and security studies;

– political analysis and forecasting, application of mathematical methods in political studies;

– political analysis of governance problems;

– civil society, civil activism, civil identity studies,

– political leadership studies.

Please note that submitted manuscripts should show a high integrity in problem setting, problem analysis and formulation of conclusions and correspond to the Journal’s thematic profile and its scientific priorities. These are estimated during the peer review process as well as by the editorial team while considering accepting a manuscript for publication.

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Introducing an article

Polis. Political Studies
1 2007

Rogozin D.M.
Family Citizenship of the Youth in the Northern Caucasus

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