Polis. Political Studies

The Editorial team of “Polis. Political Studies” journal adheres to conventional ethical standards of scientific publishing. It abides by the Declaration of Association of Science Editors and Publishers “Ethical Principles of Scientific Publications” (available online in Russian), and to the ethical principles of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Infringement of copyright and moral standards not only is unacceptable from an ethical point of view, but also serves as a barrier for development of scientific knowledge, undermining credibility of political science.

– The Editorial team takes as a premise that authors and peer reviewers are familiar with the algorithm of work and requirements to them (see Authors’ Ethical Principles and Peer Review Ethical Principles).

– The Editorial team takes unbiased decisions based solely on the professional level and quality of the submitted manuscripts regardless of the race, gender, nationality, citizenship, religious and political views of authors.

– Acting as a supervisor of the double-blind peer review process, the Editorial team is obliged to provide for conditions excluding any conflict of interests between the sides. Author or co-author of the reviewed work cannot act as reviewer, as well as scientific supervisor of scientific degree candidates.

– The Editorial team categorically denounces all forms of publication malpractice. The most obvious and reprehensible instances of misconduct include plagiarism, duplicate submission, misappropriation of research results and fraud. In each of these cases preparation manuscript can be recalled from the Journal.

– The Editorial team is obliged to avoid using the data from submitted manuscripts and not to pass them to the third parties (excluding peer reviewers) before publishing.

– Any essential amendments to the manuscript are made solely after the author’s authorization. Should the author or the Editorial team disagree with these amendments, they both possess the right to withdraw the article or achieve a consensus.

– The Journal does not accept payments for publication; any attempt by authors or other interested parties to offer such payment could result in rejection of the submitted manuscript.

Published articles may not represent the point of view of the founders, Editorial board or Editorial team. However, the Editorial team bears full responsibility for all published articles.

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